Entering a car accident is stressful. However, it is very important to take the correct actions instantly later while you wait on roadside assistance after a crash. Here is an easy guide to what you must do after a car collision. Following the pointers listed below and calling our towing service as soon as possible at 773-557-7768 will make the after-effects of an automobile accident less taxing mentally.


Is Everyone Involved in the Crash Safe

Initially, check yourself for injuries. Ask if your travelers are fine, and, if possible, examine on the other individuals involved. Call the police and request an ambulance if anyone is injured in the car crash. Let the police know you are calling a tow truck. If you can move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road, wait for law enforcement to show up for the next steps.

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While Waiting Exchange Information With the Other Motorist

You’ll require the details of everyone included to submit a claim with the insurer. Ask for their number, address, and name, in addition to the name of their insurance coverage service provider. Likewise, jot down the type of automobile they were driving and the license plate number. You can collect this info while you await for the appearance of roadside assistance and law enforcement.

Prepare to Submit a Crash Claim

After gathering as much information as possible, contact your insurance provider and submit a claim. Prior to doing so, you may want to contact an auto accident attorney.  Doing so as quickly as possible is beneficial, as your insurance company might have ideas for regional body stores. Whether you decide to utilize one they suggest or your preferred shop, having the claim already in motion gives you a clearer concept of how much of the repairs will be covered. If the car crash involves a large number of vehicles, get in touch with the insurance provider of the car accountable for the crash, as you may be able to sue their insurance provider.


After Roadside Assistance Comes Following the Crash

After roadside assistance arrives following the car crash, make sure to get in touch with your insurance company, an auto accident attorney and follow up with an auto body shop, to get your car back on the road. But before all of that occurs, you need to call accident towing company, Chicago’s Best Towing Service at 773-557-7768.