Towing skates are a wedge-shaped plastic tool that towing services use to move vehicles easier. The skates come in a variety of sizes to handle anything from small cars to large trucks, and some towing skates can even be snapped together to move large or exceptionally wide loads. Most flatbed tow trucks carry at least four skates with them at all times, and our Chicago towing service uses them in most situations. If you need the best towing service in Chicago, call us at 773-557-7768.


When Will a Towing Service Use Skates?

Skates prevent damage in addition to making it easier to tow a vehicle. If a vehicle is towed improperly, a local towing service can easily:

  • Damage the vehicle
  • Damage the flatbed of the tow truck
  • Damage the road
  • Damage the driveway
  • Damage the garage floor

Do You Need Towing Skates?

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Towing skates are also used to tow cars as well as trucks that have lost a wheel. Placing one or more tow skates under the vehicle’s suspension raises it to a height that allows for safe loading. Many tow truck services also use skates to move vehicles with wheels that are stuck in a turned position, as well as parking or using an emergency brake that won’t release.


Check to See if Your Tow Truck Company is Using Skates

Before calling a towing service, research them online to see if they use skates.  If not, consider calling a more reputable local tow truck company. Call Chicago’s Best Towing Service at 773-557-7768 for help with your emergency towing service today.