A person who parks illegally on the street or in the wrong lot at a mall knows there is a good chance that their car will be towed. How do you deal with a tow truck service needs towing a vehicle you don’t own? Perhaps you are blockaded by an unfamiliar car, or you are looking at a broken-down car that’s been on your street for days. Is it possible to have your private property towed from public or private property in Chicago, Illinois? If you need to contact a Chicago tow truck company, here’s what you need to know.

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When Is it Legal to Tow a Car in Illinois?

Owners of properties have the right to post notices prohibiting unauthorized parking. Building occupants and/or guests can also apply for permission to park, so there are no worries for them. The owner of the car can be towed at his expense if a vehicle is illegally parked on residential property. You are within your rights to call a cheap towing service if a car blocks your driveway or appears abandoned.

In public parking areas under public control, the vehicle may be towed immediately. If the driver leaves the car in a parking garage, public park, facility, or wherever it is not allowed to park, this is the case. A vehicle may be towed when it has been parked too long or has become a hazard. To order the impoundment, only a public official or law enforcement official is authorized.

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How Do I Tow a Car that is Not Mine?

If you see a vehicle on your property that needs to be towed, you have two options. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, check their specific rules regarding vehicle towing. Otherwise, call the police using the non-emergency line. You will need to provide the police with information about the vehicle that could be matched with a missing car report or used to identify an owner. After notifying the authorities, you will likely be able to call a Chicago towing service to handle the job.

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Illinois Law Regarding Towing Private Property

If a private property owner claims a vehicle is trespassing, towing from the property is permitted. When it remains after being notified it is not allowed, it is considered trespassing. A sign is usually the source of such notice.

In Illinois, all tows are governed by the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code. Specifically, it’s in a section headed “Abandoned, Lost, Stolen, or Unclaimed Vehicles.” Officially, tows from private property are governed by Section 5/4-203(f) of volume 625 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

If You Need a Car Towed From Private or Public Property

If you need a car towed from public or private property, call Chicago Towing Service at 773-740-0905 to get the vehicle towed quickly, efficiently, and as quickly as possible.